Fouka Bay North Coast - شاليهات للبيع بالساحل الشمالي بالتقسيط - بافضل الاسعار 2017

Fouka Bay North Coast

Fouka Bay North Coast

Fouka Bay North Coast

Situated 211 km west of Alexandria and 75 km from Marsa Matrouh on 194 hectares of land lies

Fouka Beach. One minute away from the highway, in an idyllically private setting, Fouka Beach offers an unparalleled living experience extending across Egypt’s stunning Mediterranean coastline. Spanning over 900km, the Mediterranean coast is characterized by sandy coastlines, fine white sands and stunning clear blues seas; natural beauty that Fouka Beach emphasizes. Fouka is a place where elegance and natural beauty coexist in harmony, offering a unique fusion of relaxing and adventurous activities, in equal measure.



A Signature Lifestyle Like No Other Live closely intertwined with the natural serenity of water flowing all around. Experience a soul soothing world of contemporary elegance offering a variety of pure shapes, functional sizes and inspiring designs.

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